I am Dr Arnoud Franken.

Accelerate Meaningful Change

Senior Strategy & Change Consultant

Start With Why

Many change leaders, pioneers, intrapreneurs, and ruckus makers struggle to get others to see the world differently and inspired to act on their ideas. I create bespoke immersive interventions for these leaders and their teams to get quickly unstuck, experience new and unknown perspectives in a safe environment, so that they feel engaged, inspired, and confident to rise above the ordinary and change the game together. 

Shift perspectives to shift behaviours and accelerate meaningful change so that you live a more fulfilled life.

Adapt to Thrive in a Rapidly Changing World

The unfamiliarity of business environments faced by organisations today can trigger a survival response that brings progress to a halt. 

To remain relevant and thrive, leaders at all levels of your organisation need to be able to fuel people's intrinsic motivation, so that it outweighs resistance to the unfamiliar and inspires learning, adapting, and moving forward.

That requires orienting to meaning: framing the context and having conversations about the big questions: 

  • Why are we doing this? 
  • Whom do we serve? 
  • What is next?

Lead Change Together

We don't see the world as it is, we see it as we are and the stories we tell ourselves. When you want to make positive change happen in the world, or when the world confronts you with an unavoidable change, it means you need to change the stories told to shift mindsets and behaviours.

That requires a collaborate approach to exploring, planning, and implementing change:

  • What has or is about to upset the status quo?
  • Why does it matter and to whom?
  • What could the new rebalanced world look and feel like to inspire action?
  • What new benefits will this bring?
  • What will it take to make this better world a reality?

Accelerate Meaningful Change Through Immersive Experiences

When you think of change as a story, you can see story as a simulation that allows you to explore new and unfamiliar situations in a safe environment. In that risk-free context, you can experiment with different behaviours and ways of working to see and feel what it takes to successfully navigate reality. The insights and confidence gained this way, enable you to accelerate meaningful change in the real world.

Imagine change is not just a story you tell yourself, but it's transformed into a custom-designed immersive experience you undergo with your whole team or organisation? If you want to bypass resistance to change and not turn your change initiative into a heroic effort fought by a few, it is the only way to accelerate and deliver meaningful change. It doesn't tell people why they need to change, the immersive experience makes people feel and understand it for themselves.

Testimonial 1

"Arnoud has the knack of being able to see a situation with utter clarity and arrive quickly at the heart of an issue. I value his originality and creative genius, founded on true knowledge and learning."

Maj. Gen. Andy Salmon CMG OBE, former Commandant General Royal Marines

Testimonial 2

"Arnoud has an exceptional ability helping those dealing with complex issues to view a challenge from a fresh perspective. I have personally experienced the benefits of Arnoud's ability to reframe a situation and the effects are profound - suddenly a whole range of possibilities appear that had previously been hidden in plain sight. This is an energising process that builds confidence and unlocks creative solutions."

Edward Cripps, RAF Officer


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